P204 - Zero-Shot Self-Supervised Joint Temporal Image and Sensitivity Map Reconstruction via Linear Latent Space

Molin Zhang, Junshen Xu, Yamin Arefeen, Elfar Adalsteinsson

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Fast spin-echo (FSE) pulse sequences for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) offer important imaging contrast in clinically feasible scan times. T2-shuffling is widely used to resolve temporal signal dynamics in FSE acquisitions by exploiting temporal correlations via linear latent space and a predefined regularizer. However, predefined regularizers fail to exploit the incoherence especially for 2D acquisitions.Recent self-supervised learning methods achieve high-fidelity reconstructions by learning a regularizer from undersampled data without a standard supervised training data set. In this work, we propose a novel approach that utilizes a self supervised learning framework to learn a regularizer constrained on a linear latent space which improves time-resolved FSE images reconstruction quality. Additionally, in regimes without groundtruth sensitivity maps, we propose joint estimation of coil-sensitivity maps using an iterative reconstruction technique. Our technique functions is in a zero-shot fashion, as it only utilizes data from a single scan of highly undersampled time series images. We perform experiments on simulated and retrospective in-vivo data to evaluate the performance of the proposed zero-shot learning method for temporal FSE reconstruction. The results demonstrate the success of our proposed method where NMSE and SSIM are significantly increased and the artifacts are reduced.
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