• Can poster be printed at Conference site? We do not have any official poster printing capabilities.

  • What needs to be brought to the registration booth? Please bring either an ID or the receipt with your name and the word "paid" to the registration booth

  • Are meals included with the registration? Yes, Meals are included with MIDL registration. Meal schedule is included in the Program schedule. Coffee, tea, water, & snacks will be available Monday – Thursday during all programs.

  • General accommodation instructions: Please note that Vanderbilt Accommodations is separate from MIDL and Vanderbilt MIDL team, so please reach out to the contact information. If you have difficulty, we are happy to help connect you to the Accommodations team and will be on-site at the MIDL registration desks. However, we do not have keys, “lock-out” security access, etc. Please note that the accommodations are full, so additional days or visitors are not possible.

Check in/out process

Everyone will be staying in E. Bronson Ingram (EBI) so all the check in’s/out’s will be in the lobby of E. Bronson Ingram College. The address is 2211 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37240. Drop off can occur in the circle drive next to EBI college.

Early Arrivals – If attendees have a confirmed arrival prior to 7/9, they will need to call our 24/7 duty phone 615-566-7032 upon arrival. One of our students will then meet them at EBI to hand out their key.

Check In – Scheduled on 7/9 from 8am-4pm. If anyone arrives after 4pm they will need to call the duty phone number listed above.

Check out – Scheduled from 8am-11am. If anyone is leaving prior to 8am, they can use the express key checkout that is located next to the lobby front desk. It is a clear box they just need to write their name and room number and drop the key in the box. Everyone will need to be checked out by 11am.