MONAI Workshop

Overview of MONAI

Project MONAI accelerates the development of deep learning for medical imaging with a common software foundation and a vibrant community. Its customizable interface lets researchers bring components to existing pipelines or perform end-to-end training. It increases efficiency and collaboration with domain-optimized foundational capabilities and algorithm standardization. And it improves reproducibility by bringing together the community for comparison, evaluation, and benchmarking.

About the Bootcamp

This year, we’re offering the flexibility to attend either in person or online. Our hybrid format lets you choose the option that best suits your preferences and circumstances. Here's what you need to know:

In-person attendance: If you’re local or attending the Medical Imaging With Deep Learning (MIDL) conference, you can join us in person.

Online attendance via Zoom: For those who can’t join us in person, we’re offering a seamless virtual experience through Zoom.


Entry-, intermediate-, and advanced-level researchers are encouraged to join the bootcamp, but some experience applying deep learning to medical imaging would be useful. And while experience with PyTorch programming isn’t a requirement, it would be beneficial.


For attending the workshop online, Register at For those attending the conference in-person, no registration is required for attending the workshop in-person.


Date: 13th July, 2023

Time   Activity   Presenter(s)
09:00MONAI Overview and Open ScienceStephen Aylward (Kitware)
09:40Metrics ReloadedAnnika Reinke (DKFZ)
10:15Generative AIMark Graham (KCL)
10:45Coffee Break
11:00Federated LearningHolger Roth (NVIDIA)
11:35MONAI VISTA(Versatile Imaging SegmenTation and Annotation) ModelWenqi Li / Pengfei Guo / Yucheng Tang (NVIDIA)
12:10Hands-On: Auto3DSegDong Yang / Vishwesh Nath (NVIDIA)
13:00Q&A and Closing RemarksMichael Zephyr (NVIDIA)

Stephen Aylward, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, KitwareMark Graham, Research Fellow in AI-Enabled Neurology, King’s College London
Pengfei Guo, Applied Research Scientist, NVIDIAWenqi Li, Senior Applied Research Scientist, NVIDIA
Vishwesh Nath, Senior Applied Research Scientist, NVIDIAAnnike Reinke, Postdoctoral Researcher, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
Holger Roth, Senior Applied Research Scientist, NVIDIAYucheng Tang, Applied Research Scientist, NVIDIA
Dong Yang, Senior Applied Research Scientist, NVIDIAMichael Zephyr, Technical Marketing Engineer, NVIDIA

Local contact for Workshop: Dr Bennett Landman, [email protected]