MIDL 2023 Presenter Instructions

All oral presentations must be given onsite and in-person. The default for poster presentations is also onsite and in-person.

Oral Presentations

The oral session schedule can be found on the program page: https://2023.midl.io/program.html

Each oral presentation will be 12 minutes in length, with 3 minutes for questions. Presenters are asked to submit slides beforehand in either Powerpoint or PDF formats. Slide upload directions have been emailed out to all first and senior authors, please follow the directions in that email. If you did not receive an email, please email [email protected].

Prior to your scheduled presentation session, please check your slides in the speaker ready room. Changes at the podium will not be possible.

We recommend authors use a 16:9 aspect ratio for slides.

Please note every oral also has a poster presentation on the same day.

Poster Presentations

Maximum horizontal poster size is approximately 47 inches (119 cm). While vertical space is limited to 47 inches as well, we strongly recommend leaving a margin due to fastening/physical board size constraints. Posters printed on A0 paper, oriented long edge horizontally, should fit on each board, with a small margin.

Poster session assignments can be found on the program page: https://2023.midl.io/program.html

Each day has two poster sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Poster locations can be found on the program page above. If your poster location (e.g., M05, not to be confused with your Open Review paper number, e.g., O039) is odd, you are assigned to the morning session. If it is even, you are assigned to the afternoon session. At least one author should be present at the poster for the duration of the assigned session. Posters should remain up for the entire day (both sessions).

Poster Teaser Presentations

MIDL 2023 is introducing short 1-slide/30-second presentations for each non-oral paper. These presentations are entirely optional, but are meant to give poster-presenters an opportunity to convince attendees to visit their poster.

Please consult the table for your speaking slot:

Poster Day/TypeTeaser Presentation Time
Monday full papersMon 10:00
Monday short papersMon 10:15
Tuesday short papersMon 16:45
Tuesday full papersTues 10:15
Wednesday short papersTues 16:45
Wednesday full/MELBA paperWeds 10:00


Slides must include the paper number (i.e., P000 or S000), and be submitted in PDF or Powerpoint format. All slides will be converted to a single Powerpoint slide deck, and presented in increasing number order (so please walk up to the dias as we approach your number). Slide submission has been sent via email, and closes at 6pm the day before each presentation. Time will be capped at exactly 30-seconds.

Virtual Poster Presentations

Click here for the Virtual Poster Presentation Form.

The virtual poster presentation is open to two groups:

  1. Mandatory for virtual poster presenters: All authors of accepted posters who are unable to attend MIDL in-person must register for the virtual poster presentation via the above form. Each virtual presenter should submit a 3-5 minute pre-recorded video (.mp4 format) and an e-poster (.pdf format).
  2. Optional for oral and onsite poster presenters: For all onsite oral and poster presentations, the virtual presentation option is available, but not required. These authors can still submit the above form to display a 3-5 minute pre-recorded video and a PDF poster on the MIDL website, and join the Gather Town virtual poster session. However, all oral and onsite poster presentations must also be presented in-person.

Additional details can be found here.

The virtual poster session will be hosted in Gather Town.


General questions: [email protected]

Scientific program questions: [email protected]

Virtual program questions: Dr. Yuankai Huo [email protected]