MIDL 2023 Virtual Participation

MIDL 2023 is an annual in-person event. All oral presentations and keynotes will be freely streamed online. The recordings will be placed on the yearly conference website shortly after the conference. For virtual participation, we refer to multiple MIDL events organised throughout the year, and we strongly suggest pursuing these venues. In exceptional circumstances where engagement with the MIDL 2023 conference is desirable but impossible in person (for any co-author of the accepted work), participation in a limited virtual (non-hybrid) platform for 2023 will be offered. Please note that at the conferences there will be no virtual poster sessions (e.g. laptop presentations next to physical posters) or zoom/pre-recorded lectures given from an empty podium.


Each paper must be associated with a unique MIDL 2023 registration. One author must register the “virtual attendance” by the camera-ready submission deadline. Authors can present multiple papers with a single registration only if they are first authors on all papers.

Camera-ready Submission

Each virtual attendance paper is required to upload all camera-ready material to the paper submission system within a single zip file before the camera-ready submission deadline.

Media Submission

Each virtual attendance paper is required to upload (1) the signed license form, (2) a graphic abstract picture in jpg format, (3) a poster in pdf format, and (4) a 5 mins presentation video in mp4 format must be uploaded to the media submission system. All videos with signed agreement will be released to MIDL 2023 multimedia platform (e.g., YouTube).

Virtual Participation During MIDL 2023

The virtual participation of MIDL 2023 is an asynchronous experience since MIDL 2023 is not a hybrid conference. It means no live presentation is required for virtual participants. However, all virtual participants will have the access to the free MIDL 2023 live stream to watch all oral presentations. The uploaded poster and presentation video will be uploaded to MIDL 2023 website. At least one author must register to MIDL 2023 before the start of the conference, to ensure inclusion into the conference proceedings.