P105 - Automatic 3D/2D Deformable Registration in Minimally Invasive Liver Resection using a Mesh Recovery Network

Mathieu Labrunie, Daniel Pizarro, Christophe Tilmant, Adrien Bartoli

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We propose the patient-specific Liver Mesh Recovery (LMR) framework, to automatically achieve Augmented Reality (AR) guidance by registering a preoperative 3D model in Minimally Invasive Liver Resection (MILR). Existing methods solve registration in MILR by pose estimation followed with numerical optimisation and suffer from a prohibitive intraoperative runtime. The proposed LMR is inspired by the recent Human Mesh Recovery (HMR) framework and forms the first learning-based method to solve registration in MILR. In contrast to existing methods, the computation load in LMR occurs preoperatively, at training time. We construct a patient-specific deformation model and generate patient-specific training data reproducing the typical defects of the automatically detected registration primitives. Experimental results show that LMR\'s registration accuracy is on par with optimisation-based methods, whilst running in real-time intraoperatively.
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