P178 - OFDVDnet: A Sensor Fusion Approach for Video Denoising in Fluorescence-Guided Surgery

Trevor Seets, Wei Lin, Yizhou Lu, Christie Lin, Adam Uselmann, Andreas Velten

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Many applications in machine vision and medical imaging require the capture of images from a scene with very low radiance, which may result in very noisy images and videos. An important example of such an application is the imaging of fluorescently-labeled tissue in fluorescence-guided surgery. Medical imaging systems, especially when intended to be used in surgery, are designed to operate in well-lit environments and use optical filters, time division, or other strategies that allow the simultaneous capture of low radiance fluorescence video and a well-lit visible light video of the scene. This work demonstrates video denoising can be dramatically improved by utilizing deep learning together with motion and textural cues from the noise-free video.
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