S033 - Segmentation of seventy-one anatomical structures necessary for the evaluation of guideline-conform clinical target volumes in head and neck cancers

Alexandra Walter, Goran Stanic, Philipp Hoegen, Sebastian Adeberg, Oliver Jaekel, Martin Frank, Kristina Giske

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Expert guidelines standardize the delineation of the clinical target volume by giving neighboring anatomical structures as boundaries. In this research, we have automated the segmentation of seventy-one most mentioned anatomical structures in the expert guidelines. For most structures there are no segmentation accuracies found in the literature. For others, the DICE improves in our research. The sDICE with a 2 mm tolerance shows clinical acceptance for most structures. Overall, we set benchmarks for several structures of the head and neck anatomy. With these segmentations the guideline-conformance of clinical target volumes can be measured.
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