S038 - Automatic renal perfusion estimation on postoperative PCASL MRI based on deep learning image analysis and segmentation

Anne Oyarzun-Domeño, Izaskun Cía, Rebeca Echeverria-Chasco, María A Fernández-Seara, Paloma L. Martin-Moreno, Nuria Garcia-Fernandez, Gorka Bastarrika, Javier Navallas, Arantxa Villanueva

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Non-invasive arterial spin labeling is an MRI technique that can be used for kidney transplant evaluation and perfusion estimation. This work proposes an automatic workflow for renal segmentation and perfusion estimation, based on deep learning approach and image analysis. Similarity coefficients above 90\% are achieved for kidney, cortex, and medulla segmentation results and perfusion values within the acceptable ranges are obtained.
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