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Full-paper track

P010 - Robust Detection Outcome: A Metric for Pathology Detection in Medical ImagesP015 - A Robust Mean Teacher Framework for Semi-Supervised Cell Detection in Histopathology Images

O029 - Reproducibility of the Methods in Medical Imaging with Deep Learning.P031 - MS-Former: Multi-Scale Self-Guided Transformer for Medical Image Segmentation

P032 - Rotation-Scale Equivariant Steerable FiltersP046 - Video pretraining advances 3D deep learning on chest CT tasks

P048 - Model Adaptive Tooth SegmentationP053 - Bi-parametric prostate MR image synthesis using pathology and sequence-conditioned stable diffusion

P055 - MEDIMP: 3D Medical Images and clinical Prompts for renal transplant representation learningP070 - Semantic Segmentation of 3D Medical Images Through a Kaleidoscope: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

P073 - Inherently Interpretable Multi-Label Classification Using Class-Specific CounterfactualsP075 - Whole brain radiomics for clustered federated personalization in brain tumor segmentation

P076 - Multimodal Image-Text Matching Improves Retrieval-based Chest X-Ray Report GenerationP082 - Incomplete learning of multi-modal connectome for brain disorder diagnosis via modal-mixup and deep supervision

P083 - Patched Diffusion Models for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Brain MRIP090 - Spatial Correspondence between Graph Neural Network-Segmented Images

P115 - MMCFormer: Missing Modality Compensation Transformer for Brain Tumor SegmentationP117 - Prior Guided 3D Medical Image Landmark Localization

P129 - Semi-supervised Learning with Contrastive and Topology Losses for Catheter Segmentation and Misplacement PredictionP138 - DBGSL: Dynamic Brain Graph Structure Learning

P139 - DBGDGM: Dynamic Brain Graph Deep Generative ModelP165 - Multi-scale Hierarchical Vision Transformer with Cascaded Attention Decoding for Medical Image Segmentation

P166 - Evaluating Adversarial Robustness of Low dose CT RecoveryP179 - Inherent Consistent Learning for Accurate Semi-supervised Medical Image Segmentation

P187 - TransRP: Transformer-based PET/CT feature extraction incorporating clinical data for recurrence-free survival prediction in oropharyngeal cancerP189 - Trainable Prototype Enhanced Multiple Instance Learning for Whole Slide Image Classification

P199 - FUSQA: Fetal Ultrasound Segmentation Quality AssessmentP200 - SegPrompt: Using Segmentation Map as a Better Prompt to Finetune Deep Models for Kidney Stone Classification

P201 - Intra- and Inter-Cellular Awareness for 3D Neuron Tracking and Segmentation in Large-Scale ConnectomicsP215 - Domain adaptation using optimal transport for invariant learning using histopathology datasets

P217 - One-Class SVM on siamese neural network latent space for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection on brain MRI White Matter HyperintensitiesP218 - MProtoNet: A Case-Based Interpretable Model for Brain Tumor Classification with 3D Multi-parametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Short paper track

S016 - Real-Time Quantitative Ultrasound and Radar Knowledge-Based Medical ImagingS023 - A Deep-Learning Based Approach to Accelerate Groundtruth Generation for Biomarker Status Identification in Chromogenic Duplex Images

S027 - Generation of Multi-modal Brain Tumor MRIs with Disentangled Latent Diffusion ModelS030 - Data-Free One-Shot Federated Regression: An Application to Bone Age Assessment

S044 - Comp2Comp: Open-Source Body Composition Assessment on Computed TomographyS045 - Shape Equivariant Learning for Robust MRI Segmentation

S050 - High-Fidelity Image Synthesis from Pulmonary Nodule Lesion Maps using Semantic Diffusion ModelS055 - Learning Retinal Representations from Multi-modal Imaging via Contrastive Pre-training

S067 - Nearest Neighbor Radiomics for Self-Supervised Chest X-ray Pneumonia IdentificationS069 - Learning Patient Rotation Using Synthetic X-ray Images from 3D CT Volumes

S073 - 3D Supervised Contrastive-Learning Network for Classification of Ovarian NeoplasmsS082 - Uncertainty for Proximal Femur Fractures Classification

S085 - Caption generation from histopathology whole-slide images using pre-trained transformersS087 - Overcoming Interpretability and Accuracy Trade-off in Medical Imaging

S093 - Characterizing Continual Learning Scenarios for Tumor Classification in Histopathology ImagesS098 - ζ-mixup: Richer, More Realistic Mixing of Multiple Images

S101 - Facial AU-aid hypomimia diagnosis based on GNNS110 - Deep Learning Regression of Cardiac Phase on Real-Time MRI

S112 - Automatic Contrast Phase Detection on Abdominal Computed Tomography using Clinically-Inspired TechniquesS114 - Expansion Microscopy Imaging Isotropic Restoration by Unsupervised Deep Learning

S117 - An end-to-end Complex-valued Neural Network approach for k-space interpolation in Parallel MRIS120 - Improving Zero-Shot Detection of Low Prevalence Chest Pathologies using Domain Pre-trained Language Models

S121 - Bias Field Correction in MRI with Hampel Noise Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic ModelS123 - CSGAN: a consistent structural GAN for AS-OCT image despeckling by image translation